Wine Shop

Our wine shop is a small treasure of brilliant Tuscan gems. Located at Piazza San Giovanni, n.12; conveniently in the center of Siena in front of the famous Baptistery, you are invited to enjoy a tasting of world class Tuscan wines.  The selection of vintages best represent the most exclusive vineyards of Chianti, Montalcino and Montepulciano.  Our intent is to make the wines we sell accessible for your Tuscan experience without overstating their premier value. With respect to the history of Tuscany, we aim to preserve the timeless tradition of these wines with the wine shop's authentic Tuscan character. 

The wine shop is itself a special relic of architecture history.  Down the stairs in the rear of the shop you will find the wine cellar underground the main square of the Siena Cathedral.  A medieval arch was discovered during refurbishment, through which popes, bishops, artisans and wealthy merchants have all passed in history.  You will marvel at a medieval aqueduct and wheel, and witness the layers of geology in the cellar walls as Siena was under sea level millions of years ago.  Additionally, a small trap door in the wine tasting room leads you into an original labyrinth of tunnels dating back to the Etruscan civilization, and in medieval ages served as an escape route for the reigning Pope.

in 1907, the architect Le Corbusier was here as well and produced a sketch that illustrates the Baptistery. Unfortunately the original is no longer here, but you can still admire a copy of it. What better than to personally experience a taste of history, while breathing in the aroma of Tuscan tannins with wine glass in hand? Come and visit us.  You are welcome! Your senses will definitely transcend beyond your imagination.