About Us

We are a traditional Tuscan family whose roots trace back to the 12th century. Our passion for history and hospitality committed us to create Il Battistero Siena.  After establishing a reputation noteworthy of international acclaim, we decided during the Summer of 2016 to continue our pursuit of excellence by embarking on a new business venture.  Our goal was to open a wine shop unlike any other in Siena.  Too many wine shops unfortunately take advantage of uninformed tourists with low standard wines, or offer so much variety that making an informed decision is a frustrating experience which can be overwhelming.

Great Tuscan wines have been flowing through our family's  veins since centuries. It is our desire to share our history, and our passion for Tuscan terroir by strictly offering only the highest quality wines with an exclusive limited selection.  Our family was once prolific in wine production but tapered off over the years.  With our new wine shop, we look forward to reinvigorate our private vineyard to produce again for the public soon.  In the meantime, a magical bottle of Tuscan treasure awaits you with us.