The wine tasting experience is our highlight at Il Battistero Siena – Fine Wines Shop. The meeting point is at Piazza San Giovanni, 12. Your imagination will embark on a memorable journey through Tuscan history, and your senses will be saturated with intense flavors and aromas of some of the best Italian wines.  The locations where wine tastings take place are equally amazing! You can choose between a subterranean chamber in Siena’s Cathedral or a private apartment overlooking Piazza del Campo and the historical Torre del Mangia.

The subterranean chamber is reachable from the wine shop. Down the stairs in the rear of the shop you will find the wine cellar underground the main square of the Siena Cathedral.  You will marvel at a mediaeval arch, as well an antiquated Tuscan aqueduct and wheel. You may also recognize the location as a film set where some memorable Hollywood movies were filmed.

Tasting our wine in such a magical setting is best complimented by our experts sharing with you an enchanting narrative of the history of Siena and Tuscany.  Medieval history surrounds you in the wine shop and the cellar. Pope Alessandro VII and Francesco di Giorgio Martini have each lived here.  In 1907, the architect Le Corbusier was here as well and produced a sketch that illustrates the Baptistery. Unfortunately the original is preserved in Paris and no longer here, but you can still admire a copy of it. Additionally, a small trap door in the wine tasting room leads you to 25 kilometers of secret passages dating back to the Etruscan civilization, and in medieval ages served as an escape route for the reigning Pope.

Our  wine tastings are led by our experts. Moreover, each glass of wine is paired with typical Italian gourmet foods.  While you are enjoying the tasteful flavors, feel free to ask all your questions about the wine and the best foods to pair with them.  A video with soft background music creates a fascinating atmosphere, while illustrating to you the wine making process.  Of course we can supply some candles if you desire turning a wine tasting into a more romantic affair! Normally the wine tasting and tour last to about an hour.

Wine tasting services can be customized in every aspect on request. Fulfilling your needs, we can change the ways to do it and the number of guests. To nurture a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere, we recommend smaller groups of guests even though we can still arrange tastings in big private rooms for larger occasions.

Even if you are a wine tasting beginner or a pro you will enjoy our wine school. With so many dates to choose from you're sure to find one to suit you. Come with friends & make new ones internationally.

Five Reasons to Come to Our Courses:

1. You don't need to know a lot about wine.

We're all about having fun, but you're sure to learn a little more about wine as well! These evenings are light hearted and relaxed. You will taste some lovely wines and maybe find new favorites.

2. We sell only the best wines. And this is a guarantee for you. 

We will advice you about the best wines and the best value. Have fun learning more about wine with other like-minded people.

3. You won't be bored. But there will be only few people per course. 

Everybody can enjoy learning more about wine. That is if you learn in a light-hearted manner and get to try wines you may not have tasted before. We can't abide wine snobbery and firmly believe that the best wines are the ones you enjoy.

4. To learn how to select a good wine.

Whether in the store or a restaurant. Know how to choose the best value by knowing a little more about the wines you prefer to drink.

5. Have fun and meet new people.

Enjoy a relaxed friendly vibe. Meet people who share your love of wine. At our Discovery Course you sample new wines and learn about them in the company of others. 

Please mail us at or contact us at +(39)331.95.70.519 to make a reservation or to request more information.